Here Are Some Of The Most Used SEO Tools

There are a lot of different types of SEO tools out there. However, which ones are the most used? If you are interested in finding out, then continue to read on, as we have listed some of the most used seo tools, which you might want to start using too.

1. Copyscape- Copyscape is one of the most commonly used seo tools, and one of the most popular tools that people use. It checks articles for plagiarism, as well as duplicate content. This is a useful tool that is important to use, even if you are 100% sure your content is unique.

2. Google Analytics- This tool has been around for a very longtime, and it is still one of the most used seo tools, and many people from around the world use it. This tool allows you to view where your website visitors are coming from, as well as other useful data. If you run a website, then it is important to understand where your visitors are coming from, as well as other statistics, and Google Analytics allow you to figure out this information and more. If you want to use a great seo tool, then check out Google Analytics.

3. Google Keyword Planner- Everyone who owns a website or produces content must research keywords. Using the right keywords is important because those are the words that visitors will likely type into a search engine, and the search engines will be able to tell that your site has those specific words on it, and your site could end up getting a good rank in the search engines. Google Keyword Planner allows you to research keywords, which can give you an idea of which keywords you should be using throughout your site.

4. Google Trends- Google Trends allows you to find out what is trending, what has trended and so forth. This is useful to know because if something is currently trending and it relates to your website, then you can publish content on the topic/subject that is trending. If you publish quality content on topics that are trending, then your site has a good chance at getting traffic virtually right, so it is worth using Google Trends, and before we forget, we want to mention that Google Trends is completely free to use.

5. Rank Checker- Rank Checker is a popular seo tool that you might be interested in using, but you will need to use it with Firefox, as this is what Rank Checker is compatible with. This seo tool will easy to use and it is designed to check rankings. Just click a button and you will be able to find out a site’s rank, which means if you run a number of sites, you can find out what their ranks are and if the ranks are not that high, then you can find out what you can do to improve the ranks. Rank Checker is free and quick to use, so make sure you check out this seo tool.

6. WordStream- WordStream has quite a few keyword tools you can use for free. You can pay to access some of the tools, but they do offer quite a few free keyword tools you can use. If you need keyword suggestions, then use WordStream.

There are a lot of other seo tools you can use. However, the above six are some of the most popular ones that people use often. Check out some or all of those tools and find out if they can help you and your seo.